Bottled Up!  Pittsburgh
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Bottled up Pledges

Many people have taken the challenge and are willing to commit themselves to restricting the number of Plastic Beverage Bottles they use in 2009.

Read what they have to say!

I rarely drink anything but water and coffee anyway. Oh well, I also drink beer, thankfully that comes in glass bottles.  I commit to using 0 plastic beverage bottles in 2009.

- Bill Day, Filmmaker

I can commit to using 104 plastic beverage bottles, just 2 per week. My plan is to toss them into my recycling container as usual, and just run a count each week.  Do you have something that will help me keep track of my bottles? (yes, we do download the Bottle Tally Sheet here.)

- Shantae Ann Jones, Biologist

I'll commit to using 30 plastic beverage bottles. The truth is I don't think that I really use more than 10 a year as it is.  I hardly ever use plastic bottles, so counting them is just a little more effort so I can see how many I actually use - I guess less than 10.

- George Weir, Quality Control Consultant

I need to really think about this. I don't use many as is - I never buy bottled water. I know I can commit to fewer than you pledged, but I need to think about how many I'll actually be able to pledge.

- Mandeep Gill, Astro-Physicist

What I can say is that I will start trying to re-purpose the juice bottles I use for the kids.  I like the idea of creating birdfeeders with them.

- Mae Marz, Singer, Artist and Mom

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