Bottled Up!  Pittsburgh
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About Us

Our mission is to increase awareness of Plastic Beverage bottle use, and encourage simple practices that decrease the number of beverages local people drink from plastic bottles.

About Us
Hello. My name is Lizandra Vidal. I am the founder and Executive Director of Bottled Up Inc. We have a diverse board of Directors who bring a variety of talents and insight to our organization.

Our Philosophy

 All projects at Bottled Up Inc. are all based in an inherent interest in doing our part to help create a world that is somehow more acceptable than it was yesterday.  Our driving tenets  are Sustainability, Equity and Creativity.  Any project we undertake will have in its core, something do with at least one of these foundational core interested. And the best projects will encompass all 3 core values

I started this idea with a Personal Pledge that is born of fatigue of a indifferent behavior, that was incongruous with my value set.  I have long believed that Plastic Bottles are an albatross on our environmental health, but still I was weekly purchasing many, many plastic bottles to frink water and other yummy beverages out of sheer indifference and yearning for pure convenience.  I made this pledge, as a way to put a stop to it for myself. And saw the opportunity to help others also see embrace this change.

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