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Bottled Up! is a recycling advocacy organization. We work to raise awareness of  Plastic Beverage Bottles use, and the negative impact high use has on the environment.

Our mission is to encourage simple practices that decrease the number of beverages that people drink from plastic bottles.  We also encourage people and businesses to recycle and repurpose the plastic bottles they do use, aggressively campaigning to increase participation in standard and creative recycling and repurposing practices.  

Our philosophy is to use positive and fun messaging and events as our main campaign tool. You will find no scolding at Bottled Up!  We like to have fun and engage people where they make their beverage purchases and at high use events to increase their awareness of their purchase and use of plastic beverage bottles, so right there we can compel them to think about how they will dispose of what they buy and use.

We also work with local businesses to increase participation in mandatory recycling of standard products, which includes plastic bottles. Our plan is to work on offering local businesses fiscally and environmentally sound alternatives to current recycling practices.

Our Pilot program is running in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  April will the launch the first Bottled Up! Campaign.  April will be Bottled Up! month at the East End Food Co-Op in the 15208 zip code of Pittsburgh.  Bottled Up! Month will kick off with a water and chocolate tasting, "Like Water for Chocolate" and there will be signage displayed in the store, most predominately around the area where plastic bottles are sold.  Also during the month patrons will be encouraged to take a Bottled Up! pledge of plastic bottle reduction and 100% recycling and repurposing, as well as Bottled Up! craft events and speakers at the Co-Op.

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